Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Museum Fun

Matt works for a great company. I'm so thankful that he has such a great job with great benefits and occassionally we get a perk or two. On Saturday, August 18, 2012, we got to go to the SC State Museum for SCANA day. We got in free and that was my favorite part. I haven't been to the museum in a few years so we had fun and I took a few rides down memory lane b/c we would come here quite often for school field trips. I always hated having to stand at the exhibits longer than I wanted and NEVER read the signs for them. This time around, I secretly was annoyed that the kids would not go through slowly b/c now I wanted to read everything. Boo. But Matt said he and I would go back and really go through all of the exhibits. It really is a neat Museum. It's in a somewhat restored cotton mill.  So much history in that building.
I love it. Anyways, I've got pictures and I know they are a lot more entertaining than my ramblings. :) I only thought to take pictures with my phone when we were at the Dinosaur/Fossil exhibit. They have a little dig area with paint brushes and the kids had a fun time there... well, except Corbin. After 3 seconds, he proclaimed that it was boring and wanted to do something less babyish. So, for the sake of the picture,  he is completely posing. hahaha. Hunter and Dane stopped just long enough to smile and then they went back to slinging the rubber "dirt" at one another.  Talon would have stayed there all day.  He loved it... but he loves anywhere that isn't his stroller.  Maybe that will give "Big Baby" incentive to walk already.  He's getting there though.  Me, well we all took pictures with the Rex.  Mine didn't need cropping that much, but I did discover that those extra L-B's that I'm carrying really show nicely on camera.  Awesome.  So when I get back my ever depleted energy, I will slowly and surely lose that 15 extra pounds I'm carrying.  But that is not what this post is about.  Museum.  Fun.  Family. :)